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Driftwood Coffee

This week we met up with a friend and her son with plans to go to the park.  But as we are nothing without coffee, we decided to grab a cup first.  She suggested a coffee shop I had never been to before, Driftwood Coffee.  Trusting this particular friend to make such an important decision, I agreed.

Driftwood Coffee is off Vermont, not too far from Multnomah Village.  Unassuming from the outside, it is adorable and cozy on the inside.  The food and drinks were reasonably priced as well.  My vanilla latte was excellent, as were the bagel breakfast sandwiches we all ordered.  They also had baked goods from a couple of local bakeries.  We didn’t try any, but they all looked good!

They had an array of really cute merchandise for sale, the atmosphere was inviting, and I kind of want to remodel my bathroom to make it look like theirs.

Customers were friendly and there seemed to be a solid contingent of regulars.  The woman working was apparently one of the owners, and she was very nice and welcoming.

One of the things I really loved was a small children’s area with a small kitchen, some toys, and some books.  We didn’t take advantage of that today as the kids chose to play a rambunctious game of Uno as the grownups caffeinated, but I’m sure they will be all about it the next time we go.  And there will be a next time!


So, Driftwood Coffee

What it’s not… a large chain

What it is: a local small business run by friendly people, great coffee and food, kid friendly

Should you try it?  Most definitely!

You can find more info here:




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