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Nic and Figs- a crafting store in Lake Oswego

Lately it felt as if I wasn’t getting quite enough one-on-one time with Nugget, so I began looking for something fun for us to do together.  Enter Nic and Figs to the rescue!

Nic and Figs is an amazing little shop in Lake Oswego.  Tucked inside an unassuming little store front, you enter to find an adorable selection of fantastic fabrics, crafting supplies, jewelry, and home decor.


While they have a selection of great products, it is really their classes and camps that set them apart.  Their calendar is full of unique crafting and cooking classes for both kids and adults.  From kids classes on sewing your own pajamas, to sewing Harry Potter pillows and baking poop emoji cookies, there is something for everyone.

We have taken advantage of their offerings on several occasions.  Chicken took a class on making pajama bottoms and had a great time.  She also took a class on hand sewing  small stuffies, and was more than thrilled with the little mouse she created.


As an adult, a friend and I took a freezer meal class and we walked home with fully prepared meals, instructions on how to store and cook them, as well as recipes to make them again.  That class was definitely a win.

A couple of Easters ago, Chicken and I took a mommy and me class and made Hot Cross Buns.  They were so good!  Chicken was so proud to deliver them to her great grandmother, and she beamed at the praise she received.

So when I started looking for something for Nugget and I to do together, Nic and Figs was one of the places I checked.  Lo and behold, the had a grown-up-and-me pavlova class.  Perfect!  Having gone before, I knew we would have fun, the instructor would be great, and the end product would be delicious.  And I was right!

Beside us, there were two other parent/child pairs.  Our instructor, Erika, was very nice and welcoming.  She walked us through separating the eggs as well as the ingredients and timing needed to make the pavlovas.  She showed us how to form the wells in the centers of the pavlovas to be filled later.  As the pavlovas baked, we began making lime curd from scratch.


Making the lime curd was the highlight of the class for Nugget.  He zested the limes with enthusiasm (until  his hands got sticky.  Then he was out).  And then there was the citrus juicer.  He was dying to use it.  He juiced and juiced and juiced, producing much more than the needed amount.  Once he had wrung the poor limes dry, he practiced pouring his excess juice from one container to another.  He wasn’t super excited about the amount of stirring required to make lime curd, but he was definitely a fan of throwing in the chunks of butter and watching them melt.

Once the cooking was done, it was time to eat!  Erika put out the pavlovas, whipped cream, lime curd, and a selection of fresh berries and let us load up our treats.  They were delicious!  I may be forgoing all other food and subsisting solely off of lime curd.  That’s not a problem, right?  Erika helped us pack up left over components and we were sent home with cute jars of curd.  Nugget was so excited to take the results of our work home for Chicken and his dad to try.


Throughout our shenanigans, Erika remained in good spirits.  The class was calm, laid back, and we did not feel rushed at all.  Erika was knowledgeable and was able to provide information about each step of the process and was able to answer all questions asked of her.

Overall, Nugget and I had a great time and it was a wonderful morning together.  I’m so glad we chose to do it!

So, Nic and Figs….

What it’s not: inexpensive

What it is: creative, fun, educational, quality instructors, kid friendly, something you and your kids can do- together or separately- to learn something new in a fun environment

Do we recommend it?  Absolutely!  Check out their ever changing calendar and sign up to try something new!

Their class calendar can be found here:



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