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Ceramicafe has been in our lives for a long time. We have had birthday parties there, taken classes, made gifts, attended camp, I’ve gone with adult friends for a girls night out, and we have gone just for fun to beat the nothing-to-do blues. We are now the proud owners of many, many piggy banks. And ceramic squirrels. Apparently you can never have enough ceramic squirrels. (Spoiler alert- yes, you can). But we have fun, and that’s what matters!

So what is Ceramicafe? It’s a paint-your-own ceramics studio and more. Most items start at around $18 and include figurines, banks, plates, bowls, cups and mugs, gnomes, Christmas ornaments and more. There are a few very small items for less. The item price includes the item, the paint, painting time, and firing. You don’t need an appointment, so you are free to wander in and create whenever inspiration strikes!

Most recently, Chicken attended a Harry Potter themed day camp. In 2.5 hours, she made a plate, slime, and a ceramic wizard wand. Each child chose their own plate design, color of slime to make, and were able to form their own wands. She came out one happy little camper! See what I did there? The good times never end, folks.

Each week in July they have different themes, including Dragons Love Tacos and a summer ice cream party. More will be added soon for August. Each camp has a different cost depending on the type and number of items they make. Your best bet is to call or check their Facebook page to find out more information.

For those of you, like me, find yourselves excited to go only to arrive and realize you have no idea what you’re actually doing and very little artistic talent, never fear! The staff is great and more than happy to provide you with tips and tricks to recreate the fun examples you see around the studio, or help you bring your own vision to life.

As mentioned above, the cost of items includes firing. They do this for you, which is fantastic. However, it does mean that if you are planning to use the item as a gift- or just have a kiddo who is excited to see their finished product, you should be prepared. Most of the time you are able to pick up your item in about a week- sooner or later depending on how busy they have been. Once it’s done, it is shiny, bright, and dishwasher safe.

Apart from their partial day camps and walk-in painting, Ceramicafe also periodically does paint and margarita nights, themed movie nights, and other kid and/or adult specific events.

What it’s not: inexpensive

What it is: a fun creative outlet, potentially practical (if you make a plate and not a squirrel), a fun place to make personalized gifts, creative partial-day camps, fun evenings out

Do we recommend it? Yes! Go and have fun at either their Beaverton or Clackamas location!