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Crumbl Cookies

Holy cookies! This place is yummy! As Facebook is scarily in tune with my preferences and interests, Crumbl Cookies showed up on my feed with the handy announcement that a location was opening up in our town. Since the new location is very close to one of Chicken’s activities, we made a stop on our way there. Another location will be opening soon in the area, which is going to be quite dangerous for us.

If you haven’t heard of Crumbl, it’s a fun concept. They sell cookies- huge, warm, gooey cookies. They always have warm chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookies, as well as four recipes that change each week. It seems the rotating cookies are generally served warm as well.

The coolest part? They deliver. They deliver warm cookies and cold milk to your house. Until midnight. This would have changed my college experience. Or it’s perfect for those days when a warm cookie and milk would really hit the spot for the kiddos and you just don’t have it in you to make a whole batch of cookies which you know won’t all get eaten, and then you still have to do the dishes.

I ordered warm chocolate chip, Chicken got Nutella with sea salt, and Nugget got the chilled sugar cookie topped with pink frosting. Mine was delicious. Warm, soft, thick, melty chocolate chips- it was serious cookie perfection. Chicken’s Nutella cookie had a gooey Nutella center and warm Nutella drizzled on top, resulting in a very chocolatey face. Nugget also loved his cookie. It was a really good soft sugar cookie. It seemed to have an almond extract flavor instead of vanilla (I prefer vanilla), but he was very happy with his choice.

Cookies are sold individually ($4) or in a box of four. The boxes are adorable and make it feel more special. At this price they are definitely a treat, at least for us, but they really are exceptional cookies. White and chocolate milk are sold for $2.

Since their niche is cookie delivery, there isn’t much seating. There is a small cushioned bench next to the window, but no tables or chairs. There are some tables outside, which we took advantage of since it was a nice day, but otherwise be prepared to take your treats to go.

What it’s not: diet food, cheap

What it is: Yummy!, fun treat, warm, gooey cookies to go or delivered to your house

Do we recommend it? For sure!

Find more information and a location near you here:


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