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Wizarding Tea- Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium

I’ll admit it.  I am 100% a Harry Potter nerd.  I love all things Harry Potter.  And now I have Chicken on my side!  She has read all the books, even the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, has seen all the movies, and is the proud collector of Harry Potter knick knacks.

So this year for her birthday I clearly had to take her to the 2nd annual Wizarding Tea at Beaverton’s Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium. She donned a wizarding costume and off we went!

We entered the door leading to the small gift shop area, where we were checked in and instructed to place a jewel in the container for the house of our choice. We were given a themed quiz and word search and were then escorted through platform 9 3/4.


Upon entering the tea room, we were immediately struck by all the details. Letters bursting from the fireplace, Umbridge’s decrees are framed on the walls, the house flags are hung, and there is a photo area resembling the great hall complete with props and character cutouts.

We oohed and aahed on the way to our seats at a community table before settling in to our quiz and word search. I have to say, I was secretly super proud of how Chicken casually answered all of the questions that stumped our tablemates.


Before long, Mad Eye Moody arrived to tell us about the days themed teas and take our tea order. Chicken selected pumpkin spice and I chose Slughorn’s potion, complete with a vial of gilley water that changed the tea colors. They were both delicious!

Once tea orders were place, Professor Trelawney came along to lead us through a tea leaf reading. She taught us how to swirl our cups, empty it, and read our fortunes. There was even a printed guide to help with our interpretations. Chicken and I both got good readings overall, although we each have some suspicious characters in our lives we need to keep an eye on. Hmmm.

The tiered tray of treats arrived and I was glad I hadn’t eaten breakfast! There was everything from Molly’s meat pies, sorcerer’s scones, pumpkin pasties, treacle tarts, house cookies, and more things than we could possibly eat. The food was delicious and anything guests couldn’t finish was sent home in small boxes.


After eating our fill, we checked out the decorations up close. They were really above and beyond. They were incredibly detailed, accurate, and fun.

And this may sound weird, but make a trip to the restroom while you are there. It’s actually got some really cool decorations!

Overall, we it’s a very unique experience and we had a great time.

What it’s not: Inexpensive

What it is: perfect for the Harry Potter fan, decent food, fantastic tea, amazing decorations, a fun excuse to get dressed up

This event tends to sell out, but you can e-mail at any time and asked to be added to their interest list for the next year’s tea. You will then be able to get tickets before everyone else!

Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium has traditional tea service in addition to their themed teas, which include Halloween, Dr. Who, Charles Dickens, and others. You can find information about the Tea Emporium here:


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