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Unger Farms- 2019

Unger Farms is one of our go-to places when we have nothing to do on a lazy summer day.  Tucked off of one of the back roads between Hillsboro and Forest Grove, I had no idea the treasures within despite the fact that I drove by nearly every day on my communute.  A friend suggested meeting there a few summers ago, and we were immediately hooked.

Ungers Farms is a family run farm focused on berries.  You have likely seen their delicious produce at any of a variety of local farmer’s markets.  I suppose most people make the trek to the farm for the u-pick experience, but funnily enough, we have never actually done that.

So why go to a u-pick berry farm if you’re not going to pick berries?  Excellent question.  There are several great reasons!  The location is beautiful and peaceful.  The grassy area, cafe, and simple playground are what has my kiddos begging to go there nearly every week.  We usually go on weekdays, which tend to be less crowded than the weekends.

Chicken and Nugget can spend hours swinging, playing tether ball, and meeting new friends.  The fresh air and calm environment is a great place to meet friends or just spend some time sipping lemonade and watching your kids run around in a safe outdoor space.  Ungers thoughtfully maintains a basket of balls and frisbees, as well as a small stash of blankets and quilts that are perfect for picnics.

All items on their menu incorporate their berries in some way, and we have enjoyed everything we have tried.  The berry lemonades/smoothies/popsicles are a huge hit on hot days!  You can enjoy your treats at the picnic tables by the play area, or sit at one of the tables overlooking the beautiful pond.

This is a family run farm and business, not a public playground, so we make sure to show our support by buying snacks, lunch, treats, or berries each time we go.  We encourage you to do the same.

What it’s not: a public park, fully shaded (though you can chase shade on the outskirts of the play area)

What it is:  beautiful, peaceful, yummy food, a great place to enjoy a gorgeous Oregon summer day

More information can be found here:


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