Annie Bloom’s Books- A Portland Treasure I Forgot About

Full disclosure- this post is a double plug.  I am so proud that our family friend and 3rd grade teacher, Jody Little, released her first book on March 12, 2019.  It is a middle grade book called Mostly the Honest Truth that focuses on the relationship between a young girl, her alcoholic father, and their work to define love and family.  It has already been named one of Amazon’s editor’s choice book for the genre, and was also an Indie Introduces book.  So huge achievements for a first time author!  We bought three copies- one for our family, one to donate to Chicken and Nugget’s school, and one to donate to the school where I work.

I could go on forever about Jody’s wonderfulness and how excited I am for her, but I should also mention the place where we went to celebrate her book launch- Annie Bloom’s books.  This independent bookstore is tucked in Multnomah Village and has been around for 40 years.  So not much of a discovery on my part.  Mostly a rediscovery for myself and my kids.

Jody’s book launch was on a Tuesday night at 7:00, so when 6:15 rolled around and Chicken and Nugget were still in fantastic moods, I decided we should roll the dice and to to the event even though it was a school night.  I explained where we were going and why, established the parameters of the visit, and crossed my fingers I wouldn’t totally regret it.

Annie Bloom’s is right in the middle of Multnomah Village and is packed with fantastic books.  It is cozy, there are books everywhere, and comfy seating is tucked in corners and spaces where it fits. I had been there years ago, but for some reason it hadn’t crossed my mental radar in a long time.  So it seemed like a great opportunity to go see what we had been missing.

We went early to explore the children’s section before the book reading and signing and I was pleasantly impressed.  There was a nod to some of the more popular series, like Dogman and Dork Diaries, but the focus was clearly on quality children’s literature.  Oregon Battle of the Books selections were prominently displayed, as were books related to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest in general.  Sections were divided by age range and were attractively displayed.  Books for older children were divided into paperback and hardback sections.  Novels with good content and positive messages were predominant over graphic novels and massed produced books with little meaning.  Can you tell I may have some opinions and preferences on this topic?

After browsing, it was time to sit at listen.  Champagne was available to adults and “apple cider with sparkies!,” as Nugget put it, was served to kiddos.  Donuts with pink frosting and sprinkles were also there- so Nugget was hooked.  He even raised his hand during the question and answer portion to inform Jody that the donuts on the table looked exactly like the donuts on the over of her book.  Teacher that she is, she praised his observation skills while I sat there pink faced.

After the signing, there was a bit more time for browsing.  The staff was kind, knowledgeable, and clearly invested in celebrating good books and local authors.  When it was time to go, Chicken had a wish list a mile long and tears glistened in her eyes when it was time to go.  Sure, being tired definitely played a role, but she was also completely in love with this book store and the items she was finding there.

This is definitely a little book store with a lot of heart and charm.  And while you’re there, it’s a perfect opportunity explore the other stores, cafes, and restaurants nestled in Multnomah Village.  The area is a great place to spend an afternoon, and this book shop should definitely be one of the stops you make  No, you won’t get the discounts you can find on Amazon or big chain book stores, but you are supporting a local business that, in turn, is supporting authors in our community.  And you may just find a literary gem, as well.  I am grateful the event brought this book store back to my mind and we will definitely be back for another visit soon!

More information about the store can be found at






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