Uno. Where it all began. We didn’t used to have very many games. One of the few we had was an ancient deck of Uno cards. One afternoon when we were all a bit bored, I made the mistake- I mean choice- to take it off the shelf and teach the kids how to play. They were hooked.

We played Uno after school. We played Uno before school. We played Uno on the weekends. We played Uno at coffee shops. They randomly shouted “Uno!” in public places.

Finally, I could not take uno more round. I began purchasing other games. And it was great! We have gotten pretty good at picking out games that are fun, family friendly, and easy enough for them to eventually play on their own when I have stuff, like dinner, to do. Uno became part of our game repertoire, not the sole star.

And then Christmas came. Enter Harry Potter Uno. And we are back! It’s just like regular Uno but with a Sorting Hat card that you can use to torture other players. The rules say to choose a player and they have to draw cards until they get a Gryffindor card. We have used the Sorting Hat card in a variety of ways to keep the game more interesting.

Even when I am sick of it, there are lots of things I appreciate about Uno. It’s simple, fun, compact, fast, portable, and flexible. You can do the traditional score keeping, or just do round-by-round winners. If you are not into Harry Potter, there are a bunch of specialized ones- 90’s (picture the Clueless characters), Super Mario Brothers, and jungle animals, just to name a few. And the old school original is a classic for a reason.

Overall, the kids love it, I love it (depending the day), and we bet you will, too.

Harry Potter Uno is of course available on Amazon, but it is usually cheaper at Barnes and Noble.


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