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Beaverton Civic Theater Children’s Classes

Chicken took her first class through Beaverton Civic Theater this week.  It was the third in a series of 3 (the first two didn’t fit in our schedule).  One two-hour class cost $15, and I believe you could take all three for $30.

Chicken’s class focused on ‘acting a scene.’  While I did not stay for the whole class, Chicken and the teacher both indicated they did acting warm ups, played games, and practiced two short skits.  The first involved the kids acting as a box of crayons that did not get along, but in the end they learned that working together can create something beautiful.  The theme of their crayon color included working together to make a drawing that was incorporated into the skit.  The second skit was Halloween themed and adorable.

I did arrive a few minutes early to watch their final practice and to watch them ‘perform.’  The teacher was positive and encouraging.  The girls (they all happened to be girls, much to Nugget’s chagrin), were clearly having fun and proud of what they did.

In speaking to the teacher and other BCT staff after the class, it appears more classes will likely be held in January.

What it is: Reasonably priced, fun intro to theater skills, developmentally appropriate, positive

What it is not: targeted to students with a lot of theater experience

Would we recommend it:  Yes!  Chicken had a great time, walked away feeling proud of herself and connected to a fun group of girls, and it is a manageable time commitment



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